Our expertises


Our consultants monitor the development of our clients’ communication strategy and the actual implementation of their advices.
Sachinka’s strength lies in its ability to gather consultants from various and complementary walks of life (Law, Journalism and Finance) and qualified for any communication job.

Human Resources

Our consultants advise our clients in their resources analysis, in their development strategy and their implementation means.
Drawing on their skills and expertise, they handle our clients’ issues and address their proper needs.

Coaching /customized assistance

Status evolution, growth management, implementation of a high-stake project, organization and working pattern, crisis management, any team run into those matters for structural and contextual purposes.
The goal of customized assistance is to allow lawyers to pass different steps of their professional lives. Our consultants are trained to assist their development and provide them with a pragmatic support.

Business development

Transforming a contact into a customer, detecting new growth opportunities, developing a business strategy, adapting one’s posture. Our consultants are involved to help acquire the necessary reflexes for the conquest of new customers and the development of existing ones .