« Death of a law firm », Jaap Bosman

Title of the book: Death of a law firm

Author: Jaap Bosman

Couverture du livre Death of a law firmFor decades, law firms have had one of the most successful business models around.

The book will argue that now, for the first time in the history, law firms are at an existential cross-road. Taking the wrong direction might very well lead to collapse: the death of a law firm.

This bool carefully dissects the inner workings of the business of law, providing unparalleled insight into what goes on behind the scene


Jaap Bonman has over 15 years experience in the legal sector. He has been Global Director of Strategy and Business Development at two of European’s leading law firms. In 2013 his international strategic achievements were recognized by The Financial Times with the first ever Innovative Lawyers Awards for International Strategy.